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Lyon is the 2nd town in France (Lyon and its suburbs is 1.2 million people). It is central in western Europe.

Lyon is very conveniently located and its good connections to the European motorway, rail and flight networks make it particularly easy, quick and convenient to reach by car, rail or air. The Exhibition Centre Lyon is connected to the main rail station and  airport by underground railway.

 Lyon aeroports

 3 TGV (HST) train stations :
Lyon Part-Dieu, Perrache, et Aéroport Saint Exupéry.
> Paris-Lyon: 23 A/R weekdays in 1h53’ and direct connection to/or from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Lyon Part-Dieu > Lyon-Genève : 1h50’ > Lyon-Brussels: 3h37’    > Lyon-Aix en Provence : 1h20’ > Lyon-Avignon :  1h05’ > Lyon-Montpellier : 1h45’
> Lyon-Marseille : 1h35’   > Lyon-Lille > Lyon-Turin : 4h19’    > Lyon-Strasbourg : 3h40’

The airport of Lyon is also served by a station TGV(HST).


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Public transportation

Public transportation network

•4 subway lines + 2 funicular railways
•3 tramway lines
•over 100 bus lines

 Special rate for congresses over 100 people

The City of Lyon can provide a Conference Pass at the special rate of 2,5€ per day and per person which gives access to the entire network 

Bicycle Bicycle

•Unique in Europe at such a scale, Vélo’V offers, on a self-service basis, a fleet of more than 2 000 bikes available throughout the city.


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